Tuesday, 31 March 2009

New job

I have been unemployed now since June 08 which is a very long time! This isn't by choice, I have been looking religiously for a job every day but as it is now, there isn't a lot going. In my time of being unemployed, I have had 1 interview which didn't go too well.

So anyway, I got a phone call last week inviting to a group interview last Friday (27th) for a care assistant job, on Friday morning I got another phone call for another interview for the following Monday (30th) which was for a nursery nurse. Fridays interview went ok then when I went for the one yesterday I had a good feeling that it would go well. When I went in they did all the usual interview stuff and then they asked me if I would be willing to do a trail for an hour to see how I got on with the children. After about 15 mins they came back and said that I have the job!! This is the first interview I have had which has offered me the job there and then.

I am going to the job centre this afternoon to sign off which I am really looking forward to and I start working next Monday woohoo!


  1. well done you, I know how you feel about no job, my hubby had a heart attack in june08 and was let go from his job cos of it and has'nt had a job since, until a interview on wednesday22th and he starts his new job Monday....so well done again