Thursday, 19 March 2009

What a lovely day!

Well I have had a great day so far, its gorgeous outside, the sun is out for a change! I managed to get my exercise DVD done this morning and then went to have lunch on the park with my fiance. I am hoping to get some stitching done after tea tonight too... wow today couldn't get any better!

I started stitching a thankyou card yesterday for a very good friend of mine as she sent me a few gifts for my birthday :)

I also started reading a new book yesterday 'The chocolate lovers diet' and I just can't put it down, I have already read over 100 pages and that was just from last night!!


  1. rain for me i'm stitching..maybe if i stitched a sunshine..the rain will go away? lol

  2. oh and re: your comment about the stitcher's sampler..i think i will hang it up in my one hallway..w/ my wedding sampler and other misc. a loooong art gallery cause there is no other place..except my bedroom..which i would feel like they were hiding