Friday, 20 March 2009

Very sad news

A few weeks ago, my mum noticed that pebs (her dog) had a lump, around the size of a malteser on her stomach, she didn't really think much of it but kept her eye on it just incase. In the space of 3-4 weeks, she has got another two and they seem to be getting bigger. As she is on benefits, she couldn't afford to take her to the vets to get them checked, but she found that she could get some help so she could take her, i'm not sure who actually helped her to be honest but they was willing to pay £2o towards her going so she only actually needed to pay £3. Anyway, she took her this morning and the vet told her they are pre cancerous :( The vet said that she could go to a vet in Salford which is an RSPCA vet, that way she would get the treatment cheaper as she is on benefits. He said that she would have to have two opporations, one on each side to remove the lumps etc. but he said it would cost around £300 in total. He also told her because of her age (11) and her size, it might be best not to do anything.

I phoned her this morning to see how she had got on and I felt terrible, the dog is just like a member of the family and while I was growing up, she was like a best friend to me so this really hurts. It was so hard when she was on the phone to not cry as she was, but I knew if I did, it would just make things worse.

We are taking her to the vet in Salford next week sometime hopefully, just to get some advice on what is best for her. The vet said that at the moment, she is in no pain which is a good thing really. But I just don't like the idea of leaving her and it getting worse, it will hurt more I think if we have to get her put down. In a way, I would much rather her have this opporation and maybe die in that... at least then we know we have tried.

It is so hard, she has always been there and knowing that she is getting old now and having this just upsets me so much :(


  1. so sorry to hear this..big hugs to you, your mom and pebs

  2. it is very sad when I our beloved pets become old or infirm. I feel for you and your mum, K1Ns. We have a 17 year old collie, and while she is plodding along at the moment we know she is living on borowed time:( Like you and your Mum we give her love and attention and don't want her to be in pain, it's our gift to them as they give us so much love back.((hugs))
    On a happier note I like your blog :) Meerkat ( Lesley)